Financial audit

Aimed at issuing an opinion on the financial statements, in order to express the reasonableness with which they are presented: Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, and the disclosures that include a summary of the most significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.

Special audit

Aimed at certifying specific situations by means of Special Reports, of figures referring to one or several specific areas of the financial statements, or to certain aspects thereof, as well as reports to be submitted to various agencies on special forms, the presentation of which must be uniform with such statements.

Internal audit

Focused on the analysis of the control procedures applied, issuing a concept to management on their adequacy and possible improvements. In this sense, the term “management” is used to designate the set of activities necessary to achieve the object of the economic entity; it therefore encompasses the activities of direction, financing, promotion, production, distribution and consumption of a company: its public and private relations and the general supervision of its assets and of those on whom its preservation and growth depend.

Operational audit

Additional service provided by the Public Accountant as External Auditor, when in coordination with the examination of the financial statements or separately, he examines certain administrative aspects, with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and operational effectiveness of a company, achieving the maximization of human resources and capital assets.

Systems auditing

Analyzes the security and information integrity levels of companies whose operations are highly automated, it is necessary to evaluate the processes from a particular approach. This approach involves the analysis of the results, taking as a starting point the evaluation of controls, as follows:

  • General systems controls in which existing standards, policies and procedures are reviewed, with respect to strategic systems planning, systems or applications life cycle methodology, contingency plans, physical and logical access security standards, among others.

  • Specific application controls through the analysis of four (4) aspects: input, process, operation and output controls.
Performance audit

It analyzes the level of efficiency, efficacy, effectiveness and productivity of the general and particular processes of an entity, based on the analysis of result and process indicators; supporting the top management of an entity to optimally control the execution of the strategies previously established for the fulfillment of the objectives, in order to guarantee that the management of all the resources and the results obtained are aimed at developing the entity’s mission.

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