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PEÑALOSA CONSULTORES is a firm of public accounting professionals.

Historical review

It was established and started operations in Colombia since 1964 under the name of Cuellar, Forero & Peñalosa Ltda.; in 1969, it continued its work under the name of G. Peñalosa & Asociados; in 1985, it continued with the firm A. Peñalosa & Cía. Ltda.; from 2002 to 2016, it operated with the firm Peñalosa Auditores & Asociados S.A.; and as of 2017, due to strategies at national and international level, it operates with the company Peñalosa Consultores SAS.


To be an organization with a strategic vision, providing our clients with permanent control and advisory services, creating ideas and solutions for the different situations faced by the business community.


To be the leading organizationnationwide in the areas of Auditing, Auditing and Consulting, where the comprehensive and professional service given to our clients, is a management tool for their growth.

Our performance standards

  • Quality.
  • Efficiency.
  • Seriousness.


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